January 2017 Dominic commenced planning and writing his first solo EP record – this would also be part of his final Studio Project unit for his Bachelor Degree in Music. The EP's songs contain a variety of styles; experimenting with elements of hip-hop, progressive rock, ambience and alternative music, - all songs are performed, written and arranged by Dominic. Also on board with this project are fellow Chained Lizard band mates; Sound Engineers Chris and John Vozz of Chained Lizard Productions. Chris and John have prior experience working with Dom on their first album for Chained Lizard - they were the obvious choice for Dom's EP project given their solid and functional working relationship.  

This is the first time that Dominic has taken on the role of a Producer and Art Director but also, it's the first time he has ever written lyrics and composed music on his own. He also put his Visual Art and Design knowledge to good use by creating all of artworks for each song. Dominic's intention with these song's were to explore themes such as self confliction, depression, anxiety, neurological behaviours, observations and life experiences; to be able to tell stories based on his own thoughts and feelings - a record expressing his current state of mind. The intent was to also write tasteful music that people could enjoy listening to and stories that people could relate to. 

The EP was unofficially released on and on Sound cloud in early November 2017. Though the songs were completed for the project, Dom decided he wanted to work on the songs further in the new year, with more freedom and a clearer mindset. He felt the music would be produced more productively without the pressures and stresses of working to a timeline and meeting deadlines. He and Chained Lizard Productions came to an agreement to recommence the project again sometime in the near future. 

The Making of the EP

Illustrations ( Demo 2017 ) - Dom Vav
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Lingering Scent ( Demo 2017 ) - Dom Vav
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In a Blink of an Eye ( Demo 2017 ) - Dom Vav
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Fake Endings ( Demo 2017 ) - Dom Vav
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© Dominic Vavala 2017. Created by John Vozz of Chained Lizard Productions