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John Vozz - Guitar / Vocals                                                                                                               

Chris Vozz - Drums / Electronics / Vocals

Olivia Lisa Marie - Lead Vocals / Keyboard

Dom Vav - Bass / Vocals


Chained Lizard is an Pop Rock band from Melbourne, Australia which was formed in 2011 by brothers John and Chris. With a deep love and passion for music, their intentions and goals were clear from the beginning; to produce and perform music they love and someday travel the world and headline big shows. Thus, began the search for 2 members who shared the same vision and could help make their concept a reality. 


From 2012-2014, Chained Lizard have played venues all around Melbourne with various members; successfully competing in competitions, releasing self produced music online and confidently making their way up in the music scene.


In 2015, the brothers decided to go on hiatus from playing shows in order to start fresh, restructure their line-up and focus on writing songs. They eventually realised, that the musical talents they seek were right in front of them the whole time in the form of their long time friends Olivia  and Dom. The brothers held Mid-year auditions for them both and immediately felt that they were suitable candidates for Lead Vocals and Bass – they haven’t looked back since.

February 2016, they began production for filming their first Official music video for their song 'Falling For You', whilst also releasing their first Official single 'Take Me For A Ride' on the 26th of March. In April, they played their first show together with the new line up.


The band spent the remainder of 2016 filming and editing the rest of the footage for the music video, playing a few more shows and writing new material continuing into 2017. The band then mutually decided to take a break from playing shows and editing the music video in order to focus purely on refurnishing their unique sound and up the ante to release as much music as possible in 2018.

After months of hard work in the studio, Chained Lizard have redeveloped and revitalised their existing sound; a fresh new experience awaits - The Official re-release of 'Take Me For A Ride' is expected in sometime in 2018 and will also be featured in the movie 'The Resurgence' which premiers March 10th 2018. 

On January 31st 2020, Chained Lizard released their first Official Single 'Take Me for a Ride' , streaming on all platforms.