Here’s a drawing I finished earlier this
I think this is close to one of my best;
positions and f
I really enjoyed drawing up this family
A portrait of _chesterbe I drew in an ar
Yet another piece of art for _maryannebe
The first portrait job I did for 2019 of
Probably my most accurate drawing so far
I drew _chesterbe a few days after he pa
Here’s a portrait I drew last year of th
Imagine if Tony Stark was The Terminator
This was a cool Fight Club portrait I dr
Here’s a portrait of Aussie _wwe  supers
It was a joy growing up watching _mrbean
Out of all the people to take on the rol
Concept Art for my band _chainedlizardof
Jesse Leach signed portrait
The other day I went with my best friend
I had an interesting epiphany when I met
_jumblejimstagram is actually so nice in
This was my 2nd attempt at drawing _mira
This is a portrait of my band _chainedli
Mum and grandma💜 #DomVavDesigns #Mum #G
A portrait of my very talented band mate
I drew this portrait for my Grandad for
I’m so happy for _sushitrash he’s finall
_jaredleto was definately a unique Joker
I’ll be honest, I couldn’t care any less
Here’s a small A5 portrait of a couple o
A commissioned portrait I did for someon
musicians _markttremonti from _officiala
In 2013 I was heavily into _wwe and one
After many attempts of drawing _jensenac
“It’s party time, P-A-R-T Why_ Because I
“I’m a very neat monster” #DomVavDesigns
Every once in a while you’ll come across
One of the first portraits I drew of _em
“Look both ways before you cross my mind
I don’t need to tell you who this is sur